Educational Therapy

Screen shot 2015-12-23 at 7.59.26 PMI offer specialized Educational Therapy for children, who have Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) or related social difficulties.

Children with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) or other communication difficulties often find it stressful to be in social situations, including day care or schools. The situation gets even more stressful and sometimes hostile for the child when his/ her difficulties are not properly understood and addressed accordingly. As a consequence, children with such difficulties, over time, tend to develop secondary issues, such as depression or low self-esteem. These issues are harder to tackle when their notion of outside world and communicating with others have already developed into something negative. For this reason, early educational intervention is recommended for children to learn to communicate better with others (and to enjoy it!) at early stage of their social life and to subsequently learn that he/ she is an individual, who deserves to be loved and cared for just like any of their peers.

What is Educational Therapy ?

In Child Counselling, play is understood in the context of the children’s fantasies and symbolical communications, where their emotions and thoughts are often expressed more freely and fluently than in verbal communication.

In Educational Therapy, play is considered as a one-on-one learning opportunity for children to relate to others. The counsellor focuses on the child’s strengths and difficulties in his/her capacity to communicate, and always encourages the child to be active in relating to others by engaging him/her in communicative play. The cognitive and relational development of the child observed in the course of therapy  is regularly shared with the parents through periodical feedback reports and parents’ consultations.

  • I request to meet first with the parent(s) to hear the concerns about the child and the difficulties observed in the child’s social and/or familial life.
  • Then, I provide initial evaluation sessions with the child to understand the cognitive difficulties the child might have and to assess if educational therapy can best meet the child’s needs.
  • After the evaluation, I will ask for a second meeting with the parent(s) to give my feedback on the child’s developmental issues and to discuss about a possible educational therapy program if applicable.
  • During the ongoing period, the session takes place once a week for 45 min. The parents are also requested to meet with the counsellor for parents’ consultations to monitor and follow the progress of the child together.

*Please provide the related assessment or medical reports done by professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists or speech therapists) if the child has any.