Adult Counselling1401183

I provide psychodynamic counselling for adults, who are under stress, anxiety or other psychological/ relational issues and concerns.

  • Relational issues (ex. in marriage, in child rearing, in relationships or at work)
  • Anxiety (ex. sleeping difficulties, lack or excess of appetite, chronic headache/ stomachache)
  • Stress (ex. in life transitions, immigration, loss of loved ones)
  • Self knowledge (understanding oneself better in order to improve current relations or quality of life)
How we start…

Please contact me for a first meeting to discuss about your concerns and expectations for counselling. Then I will provide a few initial sessions (three to five sessions) to understand and clarify the presented concerns and the aim of our potential work together. We’ll then have a feedback session to decide together whether or not to continue and the frequency of ongoing counselling.