Eriko Gavinio   
in practice since 2003

Diplomas, Certifications and Registration

  • MA in Counseling
    Webster University, Geneva Switzerland
  • Certificat of Advanced Studies (CAS), Périnatalité et petite enfance
    University of Geneva and University of Lausanne
  • Clinical Psychologist
    Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists
  • Counseling/ Relation d’aide
    Inscription dans le registre des pratiques complémentaires, Service du Médecin cantonal DEAS, Canton de Genève
  • Coaching Psychologique
    Certificat d’agrégation, Fondation suisse pour les médecines complémentaire ASCA
  • Graduate Member, Division of Educational and Child Psychology
    The British Psychological Society

Professional Training:

  • Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families
    Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT)
    Mentalization-Based Treatment for Children (MBT-C)
  • University of Lausanne
    Mauvais traitements envers les enfants et adolescents
  • Tavistock Centre NHS, London 
    Understanding Development – Adolescence
    Relating to self-harm and suicide in adolescents and young adults
  • Weill Cornell Medical College
    Certificate in Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R)


Clinical Work:

  • Psychological counselor
    Ecole Japonaise Complémentaire de Genève
  • School psychologist
    Japan Educational Ministry
  • Kindergarten psychologist
    Kyoto Association for private kindergarten
  • Emergency Aid Psychologist for East Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief Operation
    Japan Educational Ministry
  • Psychologist/ Supervisor
    Kyoto Bunkyo University Counseling Center
  • Psychologist
    Shiga State Psychiatric Hospital, Department of Adolescent psychiatry
  • Educational therapist
    Kyoto International Social Welfare Exchange Center, Parent-Child care unit

Academic/ Research Work:

  • Researcher
    NPO Organization for Promoting Developmental Disorder Research
  • Lecturer
    Department of Clinical Psychology, Kyoto Bunkyo University
  • Supervisor
    Executive board of committee, Kyoto City Association for Private Kindergartens
  • Research assistant/ Psychological tester
    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Kyoto University Hospital
  • Seminar Assistant
    Kyoto Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Congress Presentations:

  • Gavinio, E., Shuo, C., Toichi, M. (2012). The relation between facial mimicry and empathy: The role of mirror neurons in Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Japanese Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 53rd Annual congress, Tokyo Japan
  • Naito, M., Hotta, C., Kosaka, R., Nakamura, M., Kimura, N., Nabatame, S., Gavinio, E., Yoshimura, S., Toichi, M. (2014). Development of source memory in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Japanese Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 55th Annual Congress, Hamamatsu Japan
  • Yoshimura, S., Kawada, M., Uwatoko, T., Nakato, K., Kawagishi, H., Kimura, N., Gavinio, E., Ota, M., Kano, Y., Okada, T. (2010). Treatment of Tourette’s disorder in Japan: a large scale survey of physicians. Japanese Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 51th Annual Congress, Saitama Japan

Recent Publications:

  • Book: Eriko Gavinio (2016) Hirai, Shozo, Ueda, Junichi (Ed). Gakkorinsho de tsukaeru seishin bunseki -Applied Psychoanalytic thinking in clinical work at School. Seishinshobo. Tokyo
  • Journal article: Eriko Gavinio (2015). Psychoanalytic approach in school counseling. Journal of Japanese Clinical Psychology, 32, 6, 683-693.
  • Translation: Buechler, Sandra(2004) Clinical Values: Emotions That Guide Psychoanalytic Treatment. New York. Routledge. Kawabata, N., Suzuki, K. (Ed) Sugiyama, A., Gavinio, E., (Translation), 2009, Sougensha, Tokyo

Media appearance

  • Radio show “Kids in mind”, World Radio Switzerland, April 2016, On Parent-Child Communication

Congress Membership

  • The British Psychological Society
  • Japanese Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists
  • Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology
  • The Japanese Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry