I offer practical assessment for children, who have developmental concerns.  For this assessment, I do not apply any standardized cognitive/ psychological tests, but instead, I apply parental interviews and observational approach to evaluate not only cognitive but also relational issues and strengths the child might have.

It is recommended for those…
  • who have already gone through some formal assessments (standardized psychological testings) but want to seek for more practical advice on how to support the child in his/ her everyday life.
  • who have found the formal assessment too stressful for the child but still wish to know the child’s overall developmental profile.
  • who have gone through formal assessment but found its results puzzling and not helpful in supporting the child.
  • who are in the process of looking for a new placement for the child  (e.x. looking for a new creche or a school) and want to specify the areas and issues where the child needs support.